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Coverdale Emergency Homeless Shelter for Women


The Emergency Shelter is a home setting and includes three bedrooms with 10 beds.  During their stay clients will work with the Shelter Director to design a case plan that is specific to their needs and will be connected with resources to determine their eligibility for public assistance and housing programs.  Length of stay will be determined by the Shelter Director. Shelter staff will support clients every step of the way and this support will continue while clients make the transition to independent living. 


The shelter is a "wet" shelter, which means we accept women to stay who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Substance use is not permitted on site, but women will not be turned away for having used outside of the shelter.


Our shelter is currently open 24/7


Emergency Shelter Director - Megan McIntyre 672-6285,

Emergency Shelter Staff - 506-672-6285 

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